DARE TO COMPARE! Mick Lee FOUR years ago, if an angler had tried to convince me that luring bream compared favourably in any way to the use of bait, I would have thought that he not only had rocks in his head, but sand and gravel as well. Today I’m glad I never made those … Continue reading DARE TO COMPARE!

Bread and bream !

ONE Winter’s day my friend Eddy asked me to bring my fly gear over to his home at Newport Waterways on the Redcliffe Peninsula for a session on bream. I’m very proud of my Strudwick DBT #6-weight fly rod and Taimer TR 3 fly reel, and I reverently stowed them in my car with a … Continue reading Bread and bream !

Breamin’ the Tweed !

Breamin’ the Tweed ! Simon Goldsmith WITHIN the coastal plains and mountain ranges of the east coast of Australia there are many large estuarine and river systems. Many of these are within the borders of NSW, with the Clarence, Richmond, and the Hawkesbury being some of the most notable. Further north into the Sunshine State, … Continue reading Breamin’ the Tweed !

Bream on Poppers !

Bream on Poppers ! Wayne Kampe HOW timely is this article? Just as I set out to put my experiences and thoughts onto paper on this topic I receive word that a B.R.E.A.M. tournament in Western Australia has been won by an angler fishing fly only! Now, I can’t aspire to make you (or myself) … Continue reading Bream on Poppers !

A Fizzing Good Time !

A Fizzing Good Time ! Simon Goldsmith “YOU caught what on a surface lure?” That was Mark’s reaction when I told him that I’d just spent a day nailing bream on surface lures! Bream on lures, especially soft plastics, are the flavour of the month, with a growing number of anglers targeting them. These fish … Continue reading A Fizzing Good Time !