Gamakatsu Summer Series Clarence Event Jan 20

With recent flooding in the Clarence River , the 108 anglers that turned out to the second round of the Gamakatsu Summer Series, had little idea of what the day was going to bring. Many thought the river had been spoilt, whilst others believed 4kg will be needed to take home the $1400 prize cheque.

In true Clarence River form, the bream on the day really put on a show. 53 teams weighed fish, 44 of those brought five legal bream to the scales. On top of the large field was Team Native. The pair of Grafton anglers Cameron Watts and Anthony Duff fished the ever popular Browns Rocks (a section of rocky reef between Iluka and Harwood) most of the day, with the stand out lure being the increasingly popular vibration baits, using both the EcoGear and Evergreen blades. Fishing the stained water, Team Native concentrated on a point they located on their sounder, which dropped from 4 to 7 mts. The successful technique was to hop the lure down the face of the drop-off all the way back to the boat. To keep the fish interested in the lure the boys applied YUM Shrimp scent to their lure, which they believed was the key to keep catching fish while others around struggled. However the most critical ingredient was the team’s use of G.Loomis rods, Daiwa Sol reels and braided line.

AFC and ABT Pro, Darren Borg and teammate Jason Disson were the bridesmaids on the day. Fishing Browns Rocks and the Northern Arm, Team Disco Marine utilized 2” Gulp Shrimp in about 2 ft of water. The first cast put their biggest bream in the bag with the second not long after, but needed the rest of the day to filter through the small fish to feel confident about coming home. Borg commented “the tide change brought the prawns down river, with the bream following them, you just need to put your lure in the middle of the pack and hang on.”

Third place was filled by Team Fire and Breamstone. The Clarence River virgins fished Collis wall with shrimp and sandworms at a variety of depths, letting the bream be the judge of where to be in the water column. Consistently catching fish all day, one and a half hours was all they needed to find the first 5, and spent the next five and half hours upgrading. One of these upgrades was a beautiful specimen of .990 kg, big enough the hold the hot seat for most of the weigh in, only to be beaten near the end by Team Nitro Marine’s Darrin Crowley with a monster 1.17kg fish for which he received $500 in cash and prizes. Darrin set a new personal best and his first fish over a keg. He found the monster fish hiding in the popular Browns Rocks reef, atop an 8mt ledge. Using a Dropshot rod, 4lb line and 2lb leader to throw the VX35 vibration bait, Darrin hopped his bait off the bottom and let it flutter back down. When hooked the fish fought hard, circling the boat and needed 3 or 4 goes to be persuaded to the net. Darrin commented “when she was in the boat, I yelled and screamed and was shaking at the knees” a great fish from the Clarence river, congratulation Darrin.

With plenty of other winners from the random giveaways from the sponsors Gamakatsu, Atomic, Bassday, Megabass, Unitika, Humminbird and Min-kota as well as the fishing session with Tim “The Bream” Morgan, there was a lot of happy people walking away with prizes. Food and drinks were also provided on the day and this was thanks to the guys and girls at the Sedgers Reef Hotel and our major sponsor Gamakatsu.

For pictures of the event and more details about the Gamakatsu Summer Series go to and also a big thanks goes out to the competitors of the day to make this a great event.

So far this event was the largest Summer series event in Australia this Summer. What a great turnout, we can’t wait till the next one. Also thanks to the volunteers and organizers for their help in making a very smooth tournament for the anglers.

On a final note due to the closure of the Richmond River, the next round will be back on the Clarence on the 9th of March. See You All Then.

Vinnie Bleakley and Michael Starkey

Position Weight Team Name Angler 1 Angler 2 Big Bream No Of Fish Prize
1 3.325 Team Native Cameron Watts Anthony Duff 0 5 $1,400
2 3.105 Disco Marine Darren Borg Jason Disson 0 5 $700
3 3.03 Fire and BreamStone Warwick Cregan Mark Holman 0.99 5 $400
4 2.985 On A Budget Scott Lane Anthony Zappa 0 5 $350
5 2.955 Nitro Marine Stuart Bible Darrin Crowley 1.17 5 $300 + BB $500 ($250 + $250 Prize Pack)
6 2.875 No Fun-Kin Idea Gary Palmer Les Tselepy 0 5 $50 + $120 Prize Pack
7 2.825 Bush N Beach/Berkley/4BC Ben Collins Chris Britton 0 5 $50 + $120 Prize Pack
8 2.81 Just Breamn’ Around Michael Corbett Jake Stewart 0.735 5 $50 + $120 Prize Pack
9 2.785 Get The Net Aaron Sarna Scott Bryant 0.695 5 $50 + $120 Prize Pack
10 2.735 Fillet and Release Angling Team Tony Thorley John Thorley 0 5 $50 + $120 Prize Pack
10 2.735 Salty Dog Films Norman Kemp Warren Carter 0 5 $50 + $120 Prize Pack
12 2.67 Big River & Bait Tackle Brenton Smith Darren Painter 0 5  
13 2.595 Gamakatsu Adrian Melchior Brett Hyde 0.77 5  
14 2.56 Port Macquaire Tackle Team 1 Jeff Brunsdon Neil Chegwidden 0 5  
15 2.49 Intergrated Trent Mander Cameron Ball 0 5  
16 2.46 Nitro Bass Boats Scott Butler Ben Godfrey 0 5
17 2.45 Megabass/CD- Rods David Mckenzie Tristan Taylor 0 5
18 2.43 Gone Fish’n Grafton Bob Hadley John Williams 0 5
19 2.325 Port Macquarie Tackle Wayne Bale Ross Lamotte 0 5
20 2.27 Team Elegant Tom Weirs AAA 0 5
21 2.25 AA Aaron Swanson Allan Rooks 0 5
22 2.24 ALM Aust. Lure Moulds Paul Batson Scott Brown 0 5
23 2.22 Bush N Beach/4BC Anthony Wishey Rob Kwiatkowski 0 5
24 2.215 Bream Police Eric Cregan Arthur Cregan 0 5
25 2.175 Ballina Bait and Tackle Leigh Dalby Sefton Bergman 0 5
26 2.165 Berkley/Lowarance Steve Wilson Ebony Wilson 0 5
27 2.15 Team Atomic Aaron Sharp Robert March 0 5
28 2.135 Bifino Gill Neziz Karen Berry 0 5
29 2.13 Whippet Steve Clarke Jack Clarke 0 5
30 2.055 Koolabung Lures Eddie Studman Mick Zyer 0 5
31 2.015 BP Broadwater Scott Angel Dan Miller 0 5
32 1.99 R and S Fishing Scott Sutherland Ron Milligan 0 5
33 1.95 Green Machine Paul gillespie Jay Gillespie 0 5
34 1.9 BIAS Boating Gary Fooks Elliot Fooks 0 4
35 1.9 Side Winder Simon Saint Darryn Love 0 5
36 1.89 Coffs Marine Market Paul Van Den Boom Chad Miller 0 5
37 1.875 Casino Building Services Jamie Bradshaw Steven Porma 0 5
38 1.86 Swim Lardin Rod Shorten Matthew Finney 0 5
39 1.85 Ugly Fish Eyewear Peter Jenkins Wes Blanch 0 5
40 1.845 Port Marina Bait and Tackle Anthony Nyberg Dean Seaborn 0 5
41 1.78 Bassday 1 Steve Eldred Peter Kelleher 0 5
42 1.76 BJS Mossops Arthur Hatzipetrov Peter Herbst 0 5
43 1.71 Team Povety Troy Urquhart Michael Clarke 0 4
44 1.69 Hot & Cold Scott Chard Brett Dunston 0 5
45 1.625 Port Marina Tackle/Koolabung Lures Mark Saxon Mandy Saxon 0 5
46 1.535 Black Beards Delight James Yeung Andrew Yeung 0 5
47 1.46 Sporting Wrecks John Mills Luke Melverton 0 4
48 1.405 Justice Andrew Taylor Glen Sturrock 0 4
49 1.305 Team Explorer Clarke Simpson Ryan Ward 0 4
50 0.89 Black Porpoise Paul Starkey Jock McPherson 0 2
51 0.7 Poor Bastards Craig Makings Scott Barnier 0 2
52 0.635 Marbo Trevor Waterhouse Les Szabo 0 2
53 0.36 Raymack Lures Ray Power Tom Power 0 1
54 0 Team Lockwood Ben Lockwood Lindsay Lockwood 0 0