Berkley Summer Series – Hawkesbury Results

Perfect conditions greeted anglers for the second leg of the
Berkley Summer Series. With a mere 10km NE wind predicted and an early high
tide, it was a confident 46 boat field that set off into the expansive Hawkesbury River system.

For most teams this early confidence would soon be shattered by a tough Hawkesbury bite with only 11 teams scoring a full limit and some very capable anglers posting donuts after a grueling 7 hours on the water.

After a tough start to the day the sweet taste of victory and $1500 belonged to Team Samant Consulting consisting of Bill Parasiris and Steve Pourniotis who presented the weigh master with a whopping 5/5 4.276kg limit, edging out good mates Bill Maguire and Bill Karayannis of Team Nitro with an equally impressive 5/5 3.882kg bag. Third place went to Team Bream It On, Dave Currey and Mark McGregore with a solid 5/5 3.417kg bag.
Shaking the “monkey off their back” after a disappointing first round late disqualification the boys from Team Samant Consulting had a point to prove.

Hitting the weed fringes of the various bays in Pi*****erer early in the day Bill Parasiris was almost heartbroken when on his third cast he hooked an absolute monster, only to have it turn tail within net shot and bust him off. “It was the biggest bream that I have ever hooked and when it realized what was happening it simply turned around and it was all over in a heartbeat” exclaimed Bill.

Using a custom CHOPSTIX 6’10” 2-4kg rod, Stella 1000 rigged with 3lb crystal fireline, topped with 8lb Nitlon leader and STARLO STIX Pro Tournament 7’3” 2-4kg rod, Stradic 1000 rigged with 6lb Pink fireline, topped with 6lb Siglon leader, respectively, Bill and Steve would cast their Berkley Gulp 3” pumpkinseed Minnows to the weed edges, working them down the face into open water.

“The bite was pretty shutdown, however we did manage to put a couple of keepers in the boat” said Bill. The boys then moved on to fish docks and pontoons alternating between 1/16 and 1/8 homemade jig heads. “Steve would fish the 1/8 down deeper around the docks and I fished the 1/16 up high” Bill explained.

This tactical manouver added three more to the well.
As the tide dropped even further the boys decided to fish an even deeper drop over, Bill was pretty coy as to the location but he did tell me it was “somewhere in the Hawkesbury”. This late move proved vital to their win with them boating four fish in five casts, three of which were upgrades.
Second place Team Nitro also started out fishing weedbeds not far from the start point. Their technique however differed somewhat from Team Samant Consulting.

Team Nitro cast their 3”pearl blue Berkley Bass Minnows rigged on 1/16 Nitro jig heads over the weed and “whipped and ripped” them back to the boat. Bill Karayannis (aka Chopper) and Bill Maguire used an array of custom built CHOPSTIX and Black Diamond rods, Shimano and Quantum Energy reels spooled with 3lb Crystal Fireline and finished with 4lb Nitlon and Berkley Transition leader to achieve their results.

The boys then targeted boat hulls later in the day. “As the tide moved out so did we” said Bill “The fish moved out to retreat around the boats later in the day. We then targeted them with 6’ Berkley Sandworms in camo, using a simple lift and drop retrieve” he added. “All up I suppose we landed around twenty fish, about seven upgrades and countless numbers of pike but the highlight of the day was when I slipped the net under Bill’s kilo plus fish”.

It was this fish that held the early Big Bream title for Team Nitro but two more outstanding specimens from Team Century Batteries, 1.129kg and Team Pygram, 1.162kg were presented to the weigh master before Dave Currey from Bream It On pulled a thumping 1.227kg oyster rack bruiser out of his live well. “The big fish came in relatively easy” said Dave. “It grabbed my little Ecogear SX40 about mid way back to the boat in some old oyster racks and I pretty much wound him straight in and Mark netted him”.

The battle for top overall team and Bonus $1000 is a close one with only 12 points separating the top 5 teams.!
Once again a fantastic day was had by all and the final round of the NSW Berkley Summer Series will be held on March 18th on Sydney Harbour.
The winning team would like to say a special thank you to Samant Consulting for all their help, like wise Team Nitro would also like to thank Berkley for their support.

Mark and I would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support, Berkley, ENGEL, Evinrude, B.L.A., Bias Boating Warehouse, Skeeter Boats, Windsor Bait and Tackle, Gabe’s Fishing and Boating and NSW Fishing Monthly.

For more information log onto or contact Mark Mangold 0419212553 or Scott Towner 0412 254098
Scott Towner
Team Berkley

Pos Team Name Angler 1 Angler 2 COF Weight
1 Samant Consulting Bill Parasiris Steve Pourniotis 5 4.276
2 Nitro Bill Maguire Bill Karayannis 5 3.882
3 Bream It On Dave Currey Mark McGregore 5 3.417
4 Inside Out Mick Hazilias Tim Kontis 5 3.238
5 Skeeter Andrew Homann Neil Foley 5 2.988
6 The Bream Wits Ben Roth Luke Newton 5 2.905
7 Cletus Chris Cleaver Zac Crombie 5 2.760
8 Cushdee Peter Messenger Mick Selling 5 2.648
9 Big Catch Mohamad Jamal-Elddine John Katetzis 5 2.541
10 Harry Potter Greg Lee Pat Debittista 5 2.514
11 X Factor Signs Richard Potter David Gibson 5 2.268
12 Youngens Brett Young Todd Young 3 1.786
13 Tackles Lut Gud Dunn Thomas Cooke 4 1.647
14 Donut Kings Peter Holt Andrew Owczarek 3 1.607
15 Hooken Christian Serne Vic Brinkley 3 1.558
16 Fish Finder Jason Dunne Tony Steiner 3 1.540
17 Bray Boys Daniel Bray Mark Heffernan 3 1.496
18 Lucky Stix David Deluca Damian Coase 3 1.452
19 Gatorz Mick Passau Matt Taylor 3 1.446
20 Pygram Mark Pygram Mick Johnson 1 1.162
21 Barely Legal Chris Anagnostou Steve Poulos 2 1.161
22 Century Batteries Adam Sczepaniak Simon Sczepaniak 1 1.129
23 Franklin Plumbing Graham Franklin Paul Ellison 2 1.040
24 Team Big Darren Dowd Kevin Attard 2 0.985
25 Windsor Bait and Tackle Ben Turbott Aaron Horne 2 0.932
26 Woodstock Bourbon & Cola Alan Loftus Peter McWatters 2 0.928
27 Pfleuger Gary Brown Carl Dubois 1 0.923
28 Masterton Homes Steve Pietraszkiewicz Stewart Parke 1 0.545
29 Our Fish Dont Stink Greg Seeto Luke Rhodes 1 0.526
30 Numnuts Gary Lee Dave George 1 0.512
31 Team Worboys Matt Worboys Dave Marples 1 0.475
32 Dave Buttfields Tackle World Rod Hardiman Elise Hardiman 1 0.368
33 Berkley Scott Lear Vicki Winter 0 0.000
33 Camden Crash Glen Hayter Tony Downie 0 0.000
33 Come In Spinner Grant Thompson Andrew Cornford 0 0.000
33 Elegant Boat Tom Weirs Raffi 0 0.000
33 Golden Boar Chris Seeto Ian Seeto 0 0.000
33 Hooked Up Mark Riddell Andrew Hansler 0 0.000
33 Huminbird Ben Munro Ian Outzen 0 0.000
33 Leave It Up 2 U Mark McCreadie Paul Whale 0 0.000
33 Lowrance Toufick Hachem Greg Silva 0 0.000
33 Sure As Joel Norman Vince Gavin 0 0.000
33 Swamp Rat Steve Thurston Bill Messenger 0 0.000
33 Tackle Power John Balcomb Mark Healey 0 0.000