Tracker Boats sWAn BREAM Classic – Round 1 Results and Report

The first event of the ABT Tracker Boats Bream Classic Series has been run and won. Team Western Angler members Paul Willis and Elijah Hughes compiled a classy bag of 4 fish for 3.28 kilos to take out the Humminbird Swan Bream Classic held on March 19th.

While most of the field opted to target flats and reed banks, Willis and Hughes utilised one of WA"s most popular lures, the River 2 Sea Baby Vibe to fill their bag with some impressive fish during the day. Fishing around heavy structure for most of the day, the pair jigged vibes around bridge pylons and yacht clubs to come up with the goods.

"We started off at the Narrows, then slowly ventured upstream, trying every drop off and fishable structure along the way""¦"We don"t use a sounder, but we do know where most of the drop-offs are, so we fished a few of those, then putted around a few of the jetties in the East Perth / Maylands area."

Willis and Hughes fished hard all day, but their best results came within the first few hours.

"We had our bag by 10am and upgraded the 2 rats 5 times during the day"

The two biggest bream in their bag, including the 1.3kg "˜Big Bream" came while drifting the vibes under the pylons of the narrows bridge, right in the heart of Perth. This fish landed Hughes $250 cash from Perth Roofing Company, as well as a $200 gift voucher from Got One Woodvale.

Fishing finesse techniques, Team Western Angler used light outfits such as the Daiwa Heartland Z Midge Direction, coupled with a Shimano Sustain 1000 reel, and the Midge"s cousin, the Jerking Special, also matched with a 1000 sized Shimano reel.

When quizzed on their game plan for the tournament, Willis had this to say.

"We just fished the way we knew how. Bream are Bream; they are always there to be tempted. They did get a little shy as the day progressed despite the tide rising, so we swapped to plastics, incorporated lighter leaders and slowed things down a little, which helped us pull a couple of upgrades"

Not far behind in second place were relative newcomers, and tournament sponsors Team Engel. Brothers Richard and Micheal Fitzgerald impressed the field with their bag of 4 fish for 2.81 kilos. Fishing quite different techniques to Willis and Hughes, the Fitzgerald"s put together their bag with numbers, rather than relying on few quality fish.

"Our plan was to go to area"s that we had previously caught good quantities of Bream. Although we new most of the fish would be on the smaller side we new there would be good size fish amongst them. This tactic certainly paid off as we estimate we caught around 30-40 bream for the day"

Amongst those 40 odd bream came a fine specimen of 1.2 kilos, only narrowly missing out on Big Bream to Hughes" 1.3kg.

If ever we needed to be convinced of sticking to your tournament plan, this would be it, as Team Engel set a plan early, fished it hard and reaped the rewards.

"We had decided early to target the flats due to the strong easterly wind which blew for most of the day. We did this because we new bream are less spooky when the surface of the water is rough. After that we targeted areas where it dropped off rapidly within a few metres and also areas that had high running weed as Bream often like to hold against this type of weed"

Team Engel utilized their quality tackle for the task, including outfits such as Shimano Raider and Penn Pinpoint Tournament rods, matched with 1000 and 2000 sized Shimano spin reels, to effectively deliver small hard bodied lures into the strike zone.

Halco Laser Pro"s and River 2 Sea Baby vibes in natural gold and silver colours did the damage for Team Engel, as they worked them slowly over the flats. In contrast to most teams fishing on the day, the Fitzgerald"s didn"t throw a soft plastic all day.

The countdown now begins to round two of the ABT Tracker Boats Bream Classic Series. The Engel Swan Bream Classic, will be held on the 30th of April, at the same location as round one. This round is expected to attract up to 60 teams, and with prizes being added to on a daily basis, this should see round two as the best Bream Classic yet. For more information visit

Team Name Angler 1 Angler 2 Fish Weight kg
1 Team Western Angler Elijah Hughes Paul Willis 4 3.28
2 Engel Fishing Richard Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald 4 2.81
3 Team Envirojigs Dror Pietsch Nathan Gilders 4 2.74
4 Team JTB Roy Clarke Derek Freestone 4 2.50
5 Team Fishtrade Tim Hodge Dan McRorie 4 2.32
6 Liquor Barons Dalkeith Evan Cranston James Baker 4 2.31
7 Muddy Waters Lee Matthews Phil Jagger 4 2.28
8 Team Pentax Geoff Spadaccini Nick Cuccovia 4 2.26
9 Tracker Boats Quintin Skippings Paul Cleverly 4 2.23
10 Team Pro-Strike Leon Bettson Murray Jeffries 4 2.12
11 Team Nitro Chris Elliot Szarn Tink 4 2.00
11 Team Strike Pro Craig Bibra Paul Muckett 4 2.00
12 Perth Roofing Company David Beer Wayne Archie 4 1.91
13 Coolmen Camping Fridge Alan Durkin Stuart Parks 4 1.84
13 Team Crab Ryan Keen Brody Laroux 4 1.84
14 The Motor Shop Alvin Lim Vincent Chye 3 1.60
15 Richard Davie Tim Richards 4 1.55
16 Dilligaf Stu Gordon Tosh Nottle 4 1.50
17 Team Clueless Johaness Sapri Truc Quach 4 1.40
18 Compleat Angler Joondalup Jack Leszczynski Lyle Rogers 3 1.38
19 Compleat Angler & Camping James Graham Howard Loosemore 3 1.30
19 Team Got One Woodvale Matt Gillet Dave O’Reilly 2 1.30
20 Team Gladiator Graham Green Warwick Conly 2 1.22
21 What Tha Damien Forssman Alan Lockhart 3 1.19
22 Bream Reaper Steve Yarwood Andrew Manson 2 0.98
23 Team Bluey Daniel Thomas Dale Eisele 2 0.71
24 Hatch/Berberick Ellery Hatch Robert Berberick 2 0.70
25 Happy Hammers Mick Burman John Jones 1 0.52
26 Team Gas & Air Matt Mouritz Phil Hodgson 1 0.46
27 Anger Management Rick Di Lanzon James Dickinson 1 0.44
28 Compleat Angler Bunbury Sean Davies Wayne McCarthy 1 0.42
28 Joondalup Boat Shack Rod Pallister Tony Vine 1 0.42
29 Lone Ranger Trophy Carol Koong Justin Nowrojee 1 0.40
29 Team Backwater Adam Rudy Neville Marlow 1 0.40
29 Team Fergie Errol Ferguson Evan Locke 1 0.40
30 16 Plus 14 Peter Ellery Mike Jarvis 1 0.38
31 Team Mako Simon Waters Sandra Waters 1 0.34
32 Team Comdat Glen Richards Jim Pritchard 1 0.32
33 Team Jay Jay Jacky Magennis Jayden Webb 1 0.31
33 Trailer Park Boys Corey Mobilia Peter Benjamin 1 0.31
34 5 Star Entertainment Dave Vrcic Emmanuel Solana
34 Bream Barbarians Dean Fegredo Simon Dann DNF
34 Cold Wet Fish Jason Doughty Brodie Doughty
34 Crack a Tinnie Steven Johnson Aaron Ogden
34 Damage Ian Filluel John Szymanski DNF
34 Midlands Rural Services Ashley Rowley Simmone Clark
34 Ranger Joondalup Brett Rees Clint O’Donnell DNF
34 Team Humminbird Justin Cahill Daniel Ockwell
34 Team Jiggy Jigs Steve Brown Dave Press
34 The Bream Magnets Karl Cathcart Tony Ireland