Bush&Beach/Budds Take Coast Session and Series

After the disappointment and cancellation of the previous Gold Coast Summer Session due to cyclonic weather, 29 anglers turned out for the final session on March 19.

Some good bags were brought in to the weigh master with the Top 5 all above 2.4kg. The Queensland Summer Session leaders in Bush n Beach / Budd’s Bait and Tackle showed some class to take out not only the day but whole Polycraft series with a 5/5 2.62kg bag.

This was followed by 2nd place Outcast (5/5 2.57kg), 3rd place Bassmaster Jigheads (5/5 2.47kg), 4th place Northside Marine (5/5 2.465kg) and finally 5th place Minn Kota (5/5 2.44kg). Big Bream was captured by team Hooked On with a specimen of 850 grams.

The winning team consisting of Anthony Wishey and Rob Kwiatkowski made the trek to the now infamous Casino canals to score their bag. They captured their 5 fish between 8.30 – 9.00am fishing Berkley 3 inch fry on TT hidden weights and Berkley 3 inch minnows on Nitro 1/32 jigheads both in the pumpkinseed colour.

Anthony used a Daiwa Procastor Z rod matched to a Shimano Stradic 1000, while Rob equipped himself with a custom Budd’s Loomis rod and Shimano Stradic 1000. Both anglers chose to spool their reels with 4pd Berkley Fireline and 6pd Yamatoyo Harris leader.

“The secret today was to fish the plastics dead slow,” Anthony explained. “We would throw it on the sandy banks, twitch, then let it sit until the bream picked it up,” he continued.

Scoring approximately 20 legal fish for the day, their bag consisted of bream between the 26-29cm mark.

For winning the Series, they scored the overall prize of a Polycraft boat, Minn Kota electric motor and Hummigbird sounder. ABT would like to thank all participants and see you at the next Qualifier.

Name Fish Weight Big Bream
Bush n Beach/Budd’s Bait 5/5 2.62
Outcast 5/5 2.57
Bassmaster Jigheads 5/5 2.47
Northside Marine 5/5 2.465
Minn Kota 5/5 2.44
Lowrance 5/5 2.34
Eureka 5/5 2.34
Hooked On 4/5 2.065 0.85
Fishbrain 5/5 2.065
Berkley 5/5 1.765
Handicap 5/5 1.735
Clueless 4/5 1.57
Bush n Beach Fishing Mag 4/5 1.55
Charltons Fishing 1 5/5 1.55
Pop n Paff 3/5 1.32
Charltons Fishing 2 3/5 1.195
Hornet 3/5 1.175
Battery Traders 3/5 1.16
Kawana Bait & Tackle 3/5 1.11
Tracker/Gamakatsu 3/5 1.09
No Worries 2/5 0.985
Dad n Dave 3/5 0.915
Tracker Marine #3 2/5 0.695
Live Fibre 2/5 0.685
Hughes 2/5 0.635
Logan River Marine 2/5 0.61
One More Cast 2/5 0.605
Tracker Marine #1 0/5 0
The A Team 0/5 0