Making the Font on this site bigger


On several occasions over the past two days it has been brought to my attention that some of the (how should I say) “more mature [and some not so mature]” individuals within the BREAM’ing community are having difficulity reading the fonts on the new website.

That said, I am always out to please.
This afternoon I added a new feature to the site which should make it easier for these individuals to use this site. The text sizes on all fonts have been increased by 2 pixels (from 10 to 12) and the site is more “contrasty” as the body text font has been changed to white (from cream).

If you are having trouble reading the site, or just want to have a look, just follow the steps below.

The new theme is called ‘oldandblind’ – I hope this doesn’t offend anybody , it was the first thing which came to mind in the development phase

Step 1: Your Account
Your Account
Step 2: Themes Section
Themes Section
Step 3: Select Your Theme

Any problems, please dont hesitate to get in touch …. bream[at]