Z-Man 2 inch Grubz

When the ZMan 2.5” GrubZ became available in Australia, it exploded in popularity – winning bream and bass tournaments, quickly accounting for 60+ species from bream and flathead, to trout and trevally, as well as dominating the WA bream tournaments, with its 10X Tough, blowie resistant ElaZtech construction. Now, after numerous requests from anglers, Tackle … Continue reading Z-Man 2 inch Grubz


The QLD BREAM Open heads to the Brisbane Boat Show in September for one of Australia’s premier catch and release bream fishing tournaments. A three day bream-athon on Moreton Bay anglers will ply the waters of The Bay each day before hitting the stage at the boat show to show the wares. The event this … Continue reading QLD BREAM Open