GTS Majorbucks

GTS have decided to trial a majorbucks event at Forster on the 20th and 21st July, it is run as a seperate round with a 2 day skins format. We have guaranteed $6,000 cash and will increase if more competitors. If popular then GTS will expand to other regions next year, so if you are … Continue reading GTS Majorbucks

Bluewater Tackleworld Classic Results – Mandurah, WA (June 2013)

Variable weather conditions and strong tidal flows produced mixed results for competitors in the Bluewater Tackleworld sponsored round of the Engel WA Bream Classic Series.  Good bags of fish were taken from both the Serpentine and Murray Rivers and perhaps as a sign of things to come solid fish came from the Townsite canals with … Continue reading Bluewater Tackleworld Classic Results – Mandurah, WA (June 2013)

Pontoon 21 Bully Boo

  The Bully Boo 45mm is a mini wake bait /  swimbait from Pontoon comes in floating hsallow runners and slow sinking models to help anglers cover the various conditions they may face. They are just the ticket when targeting big bream & Bass. Its seductive swimming motion will entice the most wary of … Continue reading Pontoon 21 Bully Boo