Unitika Catalogue 2010

Tournament fans check out the latest catalogue from Unitika. Click the link to open the pdf, beware though it’s a 4 meg file. Enjoy! Click here for catalogue

Daiwa Wise Minnow 50FS

The new Wise Minnow is like no other lure before. The newly designed oval knife edge half moon back shape with flat sides creates an incredibly stable wobbling action that tracks straight in rapid moving water or when cranking fast. Add the fixed tungsten weight system and the wise Minnow recreates a highly responsive stable … Continue reading Daiwa Wise Minnow 50FS

Hobie BREAM Kayak Records

Here are the current Hobie BREAM Kayak Records. HOBIE BREAM KAYAK GRAND FINAL CHAMPIONS 2009 – Scott Lovig, VIC 2010 –Daniel Brown, NSW HOBIE BREAM KAYAK Anglers of the Year 2009 – Greg Lewis (293/300pts) 2010 – Greg Lewis (1217/1300pts) HOBIE BREAM KAYAK State Title Winners QUEENSLAND 2010 – Nigel Webster, QLD NEW SOUTH WALES … Continue reading Hobie BREAM Kayak Records

Hobie BREAM Kayak Money Earners

Here are the Hobie BREAM Kayak Money Earners from 2009 through to Narrabeen.   Angler Earnings Greg Lewis  $      7,820.00 Jason Meech  $      4,355.00 Will Lee  $      2,260.00 Nicholas Meredith  $      1,640.00 Stewart Dunn  $      1,600.00 Dave Hedge  $      1,580.00 Jordan Trusty  $      1,500.00 Matt Petrie  $      1,405.00 Scott Baker  $      1,400.00 Daniel Brown  $      … Continue reading Hobie BREAM Kayak Money Earners